Band Baretha tourist spot Paradise of rajasthan


Band Baretha Wildlife Sanctuary

The King of Bharatpur had reserved 200 square kilometers of Band Baretha before the independence of India as a Wildlife Sanctuary. Today this sanctuary has become the best and appreciable 14th sanctuary of Rajasthan. This sanctuary is considered primarily as Ranthambore for tigers, apart from this, Neel Cow, Leopard, Wolf, Brock, Wild Boar, Chital etc also found. As well as in addition to geese, swans, and ducks. This is also a permanent shelter for foreign birds of more than 200 species.


Horse riding

Band Baretha surrounded by small hills like greenery wrapped. The Baretha dam is spreading splendid beauty in the Charming shade of the Band Baretha, in which hundreds of exotic birds appear to be tweaking all the time. Here, enjoying horse riding on the dam's sail offers us a Royal experience such like a king or prince is going on hunting. So do not let the opportunity of horse riding go by yourself during visit the Band Baretha.

Jeep Safari's Fun in Band Baretha

Band Baretha spread over huge terrain, this is why wildlife roams, plays and hunting openly is a thrill-filled unforgettable experience. So every visitor here should enjoy Jeep Safari. The time from February to November is the best time to visit the Band Baretha Wildlife Sanctuary. The sanctuary is open from 6 am to 6 pm. There is also an ancient fort in this sanctuary, which was constructed by the Bharatpur royal family.


Heritage Tourist Places

Band Baretha Wildlife Sanctuary and the gardens full of greenery attracts the tourists towards itself, On the other side, The untold mystery of Basant Darbar Mahal attract tourists which were developed by the by Maharaja Sawai Kishan Singh in 1923, are located in the east of the Band Baretha. It’s said that when the royal family members were came to play hunting then they stay in Basant Darbar Palace. Basant Palace is a unique model of architectural art made of red stone.
The pillars of Basant Palace in the upper part of the hill many different beautiful animal’s countenance are engraved and the inner part is decorated with the finest workmanship of handicrafts. There are also houses for horses, kitchens, and servants of the royal family. When the image of this place appears in the water of the dam, it seems that the palace is watching the face in the mirror.

Boating and water sports in Band Baretha

Boating and water sports

A cause of Natural incomparable, Greenery and Sanctuary Band Baretha able to draw tourists towards itself, while boating Band Baretha gives a doubling of the attractions of this tourist destination. In the morning, people fishing in the dam. The boats which are available on the Band Baretha are too much, will not even be near Jaipur disaster management. As well as, this dam is considered to be the heaven of those who want to swim. Clean and clear water like a glass of this dam is an ideal place for swimming.

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