Bayana {Banasur Ki Nagri}

Bayana is a most historical and Mysterious town in Bharatpur district of Rajasthan. This breathtaking historical city founded by Bana Clan Jats, were the first rulers in this area. Bayana became a significant town under the Mughal emperors. The ancient name of Bayana was Sripatha or Sriprastha, Bayana city also known as the city of Varanasi. Bayana Babur defeated and Sangram Singh and it was after this major battle in history. The fort of Bayana is still considered a unique fort in itself. Some historians have also said that Mughal emperor Babar had given up drinking alcohol at Bayana. Even the elderly people of the Muslim community have even believed that when the pilgrimage of Muslims was to be chosen, there was a difference of only two tombs in Mecca and Bayana, if this had happened, and then today there would be a Muslim shrine in Bayan instead of Mecca Medina.

Vijaygarh Fort (Bayana Kila)

Vijaygarh Fort (Bayana Kila)

Vijaygarh Fort was built by the famous king Banasur, in the time of Lord Krishna and was modernize by Maharaja Vijay Pal. Vijaygarh Fort is considered to be enthralling and as per ancient belief, another fort hidden under this Fort. The last king of this fort was Kashi Naresh Tej Singh. This fort is considered to be the 3rd largest in India.

Near the main entrance of the fort, there is a sepulcher, which is said Saiyyed Jain-ul-Abdin Meer Sahib popularly known as Hazrat Meeran Shah Baba. Mira Sagar and Ram Sagar are two tanks near the tomb which are never being dry.

Usha Temple in Bayana

Usha Temple

Usha Temple is the ancient temples situated in the town of Bayana. It was built during the empire of Raja Laxman Sen. This temple is about Ushas, the goddess of dawn. Behind this beautiful temple, there is a beautiful mystery. Usha is the daughter of powerful asur king, who founded Bayana on the hill top. Usha was a had great faith in Krishna and in love with Anirudha, he was from Krishna’s family. When Banasur came to knew about it, he denied this affair and captive Anirudha by his spells powers. After a long battle, Usha married to Anirudha. This is only one famous temple of Usha in India. Inside of the Usha temple, there is a world famous statue of Garud Deveta.

Set of seven natural ponds (Saat kund)

Set of seven natural ponds (Saat kund)

One cryptic beauty of Bayana is its 7 natural falls in the mountain range which create a set of seven ponds along a zig-zag hilly path between two hills. The graceful beauty is wonderful in the full rainy season when you can hear the natural sound of falling water. On the tops of these seven ponds is a large reservoir which feeds these ponds even when no rain is there. This is one of the best tourist spots. Every year in the rainy season, uncountable visitor enjoy water falling and swimming in the ponds. This is best ever spot to enjoy with waterfall.

The Barah Khambon ki Chhatri in Bayana

The Barah Khambon ki Chhatri

The Barah Khambon ki Chhatri is, as its name implies a pavilion of 12 pillars. It is a red sandstone monument lying at the foothills amidst dense bushes. There is another Commemoration in the surrounding; a double storied one, with an interesting circular pattern inside its cupola. Bayana is full of such remembrance.

Lodi Minar in Bayana

Lodi Minar

Lodi Minar Another one worth seeing is the Lodi Minar, though incomplete, built in 1519-20 by Nizam Khan, the Governor under Ibrahim Shah Lodi. Unfortunately, the construction of this minaret in Bayana was stalled by Babur. The Jijhri is a little structure which was built to house Akbar for just one night. It has a special cooling system, as it's supposedly built on a pond.